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Insane Dog Run – MO*TE

OOO-24 | C-45

A Rainstorm Meditation 21:43
B1 Crack In The Wall 11:45
B2 Death Interview 10:41


豪雨のように降り注ぐアブストラクトなハーシュに漂う電子音が曲名通り瞑想的作用を呼び起こす20分超の大曲”Rainstorm Meditation”、乾いた質感のハーシュノイズが往年のジャパノイズの熱を感じさせるB面の2曲による計3曲約45分、熟練の渋さすら漂わせるハーシュアルバム。限定50本。

2000年代初頭までに”STASH”CDR(Solipsism)、”Life in a peaceful new world”c-60(Hevi Like A Snake)等、カセット及びCDRを国内外のリアルなノイズレーベルから限定でリリースした。
自身の運営するレーベル”UNCUT”に於いては、100均SHOPやホームセンターにあるグッズをジャケットに採用する等ユニークなアートワークを制作。自身のソロ作品の他にGOVERNMENT ALPHAとのコラボ、CRACK STEELやSTIMBOXとのスプリットをリリース。
2009年、NOISE NINJA RECORDS主催イベント”NOISE NINJA RESISTANCE vol.7″への出演を皮切りに本格的に活動を再開、東京アンダーグラウンドでライヴを重ねている。

90’s Japanoise legendaly MO*TE is back!

This work is completely new full-length album from resuming his activities in recent years.
Side A “Rainstorm Meditation”are electric sound like air drifts, and abstract harsh noise like heavy rain.They can lead to a meditative effect.
Side B is dry texture hirsch noise are two songs.Mature from them even feel tasteful.
Editon of 50.

Formed in 1995, Debuted in the wake of participation in the V.A.”SATSURIKU ZATSUON BUTAI”(produced by NIKUDOREI).
By the early 2000s, he has released “STASH”CDR(Solipsism)”Life in a peaceful new world”c-60(Hevi Like A Snake) and more.Many of them were released on limited edition of cassette tape and a CDR.
In the early 2000s, he stops the activity once.Silence for a long time thereafter.
Previous release his silence is all out of print and became premier high along with the items required by the noise maniacs.
For there not is little information on the Internet,his presence was become legend.
In 2009, he appeared in the event “NOISE NINJA RESISTANCE vol.7” to be hosted by NOISE NINJA RECORDS. He resumed in earnest and activities.