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Two of a Kind – Kazuma Kubota

OOO-27HLN | Cassette tape

Editions of 13
Available only at Galerry HRN

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TRIADOF13TH – Suisou to Kuma (水槽と熊)

TRIADOF13TH – Suisou to Kuma (水槽と熊)

OOO-48 | Cassette tape

TRIADOF13TH, if we want to speak on their behalf as a band that hates sales pitches, was formed in 2020 by three persons with a history of activities such as ENDON, AKBK, JDOW, Macrochord, extremeOBSN, Vampillia (support), etc. They are active mainly in Kokubunji, West Tokyo.

Following their first album “MA’GARIKA “DONIOI “Y_UME/NOYORU”, which was independently released in September 2021 and gained much attention, their second EP is now available on cassette with DL code […]. The A-side features a song from the first EP.
The A-side is a re-recorded version of a song from the 1st EP, and the B-side is a completely new song, “Hunter” and “Play”. The band’s music is hardcore punk with rock manner and freshness like green grass, dirt-rushing speed and dust.
Limited to 100 copies, available only at the band’s live shows and direct sales on the label.

Band Profile

Formed in 2020
Japcore band with no content, rethinking the relationship between music and magic realism in the field of punk rock, which has been done in BLOWUP and other bands.
Gt/Vo Koki Miyabe
Ba/Vo Atsushi Hayashibara
Dr/Vo Yuki Tanaka

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[NEW RELEASE]NIKUDOREI – Hakkutsu Sareta Session

Hakkutsu Sareta Session – NIKUDOREI

OOO-47 | CD

Legendary noise grind band NIKUDOREI, who formed in 1994, organized the live project “Satsuriku Zatsuon Butai” and became infamous throughout Japan for their extreme performances. Is back this summer! To commemorate their resumption of activities, the completely unreleased session will be urgently released as a joint release of dotsmark and Shit-eye cassette!

The sound files included in this album were recorded around 2005 for a split cassette with a certain band but were put in storage for many years due to the cessation of activities of Meat Slave. The sound source was unearthed after more than a decade, mastered, and the entire session was recorded in non-edited form, making it a must-have for fans of noise grind! The participating members are Okada, the core of Meat Slave and a living witness of the 90’s Japanese Grind Scene, and ARSEDESTROYER/Gore Beyond Necropsy, who also participated in the 3-way split LP “Triple Shocks !!! Freak Noise Show” and drummer Yamazaki, who supported the late Meat Slaves. The concept of music is fundamentally destroyed, and part changes pop up in the hell of a noise! The jacket with a card sleeve features recent images of Okada and Yamazaki as of 22 years ago, and although it is a previously unreleased sound source, it is a release that shows the band’s enthusiasm for restarting with this album. NIKUDOREI will celebrate its 29th anniversary next year, and we look forward to seeing what them will do in the future!

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OOO-46 | Tshirt W/ DLcode

Yuki Tamano leads the project, is a vocalist of ZENOCIDE, graphic designer of SLAVEARTS®︎ , and also a singer, with the main composer dotphob, and the fluid participation of Dagdrøm (IMMORTAL DEATH, she luv it), Taichi Nakura (ENDON. JUSTICE), nb (ZENOCIDE), and RIKI (AxVx), The latest form of UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY as of July 2022 is a T-shirt with a QR code, which has been building an art form that is inconsistent in area/format with the fluid participation of dotphob (leading composer), Dagdrøm (IMMORTAL DEATH, she luv it), nb (ZENOCIDE), and RIKI (AxVx). The QR code allows you to stream the soundtrack by Tamano + dotphob, the core of the current UCGM, which is as dense and adventurous as if CoH (Editions Mego, Raster-Noton) were going for STALAGGH-inspired depressive noise-black, a dazzling, jet-black sonic experience. The physical work “EMERALD” (2020), which can be heard through the performance and destruction of the vocalist’s non-singing, had the effect of a near-air accident during his appearance at DOMMUNE in 2018, is also available in a vacuum package. (2020), a vacuum package, and “VENTILATOR” (2021), an online installation achieved by simultaneously browsing photographs + sounds + tanka poems. All of UCGM’s art forms require the intervention of your perspective and action. Only when you wear the T-shirt designed by Tamano with 2Ø0ΛA!£ and D.D.D., will you witness the growing process of the angel embryo. The masterpiece “Seraphim 266,613,336 Wings” by Mamoru Oshii + the late Satoshi Kon remains unfinished. Still, with the help of the overlapping post-pandemic situation, this film will likely feel like a successful exodus to the Taklamakan Desert (the worldview of “Tenshi no Tamago” (Although the worldview may be closer to that of “Tenshi no Tamago”).

-Chifumi Kubota (AVE | CORNER PRINTING)


UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY began in 2017 as a personal project of YUKI TAMANO. The core members as of 2022 are YUKI TAMANO and dotphob. In the past, nb(ZENOCIDE), DAGDROM(she luv it/IMMORTAL DEATH), RIKI(AxVx), and Taichi Nakura(ENDON) have participated. 2020: Self-release of “EMERALD” on vacuum-packed cassette tape. 2021: Installation work on web media “AVE|CORNER 2022: “Ode to the Angels embryo” will be released from DOTSMARK as a T-shirt with a QR code.

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OOO-42 | CD | Digital

The project “JUSTICE” is a collaboration between Taichi Nakura, frontman of ENDON, Gojiro Sakamoto, known as a shamisen player of traditional Japanese nagauta music and the noisiest guitarist in the contemporary Tokyo underground, and Yuichiro Tamaki, an artist who has produced and presented works in various places and forms using screenprints, including on the walls of Shibuya PARCO. The first album, “JUSTICE” a project by three artists, Gojiro Sakamoto, known as a guitarist, and Yuichiro Tamaki, an artist who has been creating and presenting works in various places and forms based on screen prints, including works on the walls of Shibuya PARCO, is now completed. The first album, rumored to be in the results for several years, is complete. It is an actual work of extreme art, melting the boundaries of black metal/noise/hardcore/experimental, romanticism, and hardboiled, intense emotion through guitar and voice! Standard edition 16-page book in digipak. Limited special binding edition only distributed by the label.

VOICES – Taichi Nakura
GUITARS and SYNTHESIZERS – Gojiro Sakamoto
ART DIRECTION – Yuichiro Tamaki

They were formed in 2015 as a duo by Taichi Nakura (VOICES) and Gojiro Sakamoto (GUITARS and SYNTHESIZERS).
Debuted at Kokubunji Morgana in June 2016.
Yuichiro Tamaki (ART DIRECTION) joined in 2021.

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Monotheistic Delusions – Kognitiv Kollaps

OOO-41 | C-45

SEPTIC CUNTSとして、MAYHEM在籍時”DEATHCRUSH”他多くの傑作を生み出したボーカリストとして、アルバム”Amfetamin”制作にあたりCurrent93も名を連ねるバンドSKITLIVまたVivianslaughter(ex.GALLHAMMER)、Andrew Liles(NURSE WITH WOUND)を擁するプロジェクトSEHNSUCHTの中心人物として広く知られるノルウェー・オスロ在住アーティストManiac。
ジャンクバンドMOTHRAの発展形として00’sより東京を根城に活動開始され誠実かつ質実剛健たる姿勢をしてTESCO、HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONなどの名門レーベルからリリースを重ねる本邦POWER ELECTRONICSの雄 “LINEKRAFT”ことMasahiko Okubo。
2019年にManiacのソロ・プロジェクトとして開始され、2020年よりOkuboが合流する形で現編成となったデュオ・プロジェクトKOGNITIV KOLLAPS(ノルウェー語で「認知崩壊」の意)の初の単独フィジカル・リリース。

INDUSTRIAL MUSICの作法を取り入れつつ、Maniacが近年取り組んでいるモジュラーシンセサイザーを大きくフューチャーし、冷徹なビート、ギター、変調したボーカル、Okuboのジャンク、エレクトロニクスが触手のようにもつれ合い描かれる冷たく荒廃した風景。


プロダブド45分カセット、ビニルパック仕様、アートワーク封入。 DLコード無し。配信無し。再販予定無し。完全限定販売。


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Long Vacation – Kuro Pipe

OOO-44 | CD | Digital

This is the second album in seven years by “Kuro Pipe,” a singularity group of Japanese music and stage expression transmitting original underground music from Tokyo to the world without belonging to any existing group. The sound combines the new wave’s madness and hardcore punk’s speed. It poignantly depicts the distortion of modern society and the difficulties of people living in it, with plenty of metaphors mixed with humor. The album features guest vocals by writer Junko Gosho. The cover art is by Ip Akira, a key figure in Hiroshima’s alternative culture. The band logo design is by Takamitomotoshi, known for his cover illustrations for outlaw magazines such as Jitsuwa Knuckles. The title logo design is by the Taichung-based artist Liao Yen-Wei The first printing of the first batch was published in Marseille, France. The first printing lot was silk-screened in their workshop with the full cooperation of Le Dernier Cri, a publishing art group in Marseille, France, and comes in a 7-inch paper jacket directly imported from France! Liner notes by K/A/T/O MASSACRE organizer Kato and Jakarta-based film director Adythia Utama are enclosed.

In the spring of 2003, Kuro Pipe started his career by participating in the 10th-anniversary compilation of Comatonse Recordings, a label organized by Theri Temlitz. In the fall of the same year, they performed for the first time at the “Phantom Masterpieces Liberation League Event” at Grand Cabaret Pacific in Nagoya, Japan. In 2005, he was passive voice by a Slovak punk label to provide a song that was mega mixed by The Last Minutes (Shuichi Sugimoto+Shing02). In May 2006, he held his project “Black Pipe’s Midnight Sexy” at Toride Yakkyoku in Toride. In December of the same year, the first “Kurobikariyu” live event, organized with music critic Manabu Yuasa and artist Atsuhiro Ito, was held at Earth Dam in Shin-Okubo. Kurobikariyu later became recognized as one of Tokyo’s annual year-end live events and continues to this day. In October 2014, Kurokoyu performed at the LUFF festival in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the same time, they performed at the opening event of the “MANGARO” exhibition organized by Le Dernier Cri in Marseille, France, and their first album, “10€” was self-produced as a product for the tour. In 2021, he released his second album, “Rongubakeishon,” from […]dotsmark.

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Obsèques – Sou

OOO-40 | C-60 | Digital

Death industrial/Power electronics “NEGATIVE CLIMAX” was active between 2009 and 2013. After several cassettes and live performances, the band went into a long silence. Still, In 2021, the original members reappeared and took on a new name as a sole unit: “Funeral.”
This work consists of three sections with eight tracks at the beginning of Sou’s activity on one cassette, is composed of tape loops of fragmented classical piano melodies and desperate moans throughout, and is devoid of any other extra information. The warmth of a corpse, a decaying spiral staircase from which one cannot escape, and a faded vision through a lifeless soul will disempower those who live in a different image and attract those who live in the same image.
Dubbed from the mono master tape to the normal tape by the vintage duplicator, corrupted in natural deterioration, this work reaches for the first time the “sound that Sou was aiming for,” and together with the laser-printed toner-focused binding, it is a work to be picked up in physical form. This is the first time the album has been released of Sou.

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A Taste of…RNA – RNA

OOO-39 | CD | Digital

Eiko Ishibashi is a multi-instrumentalist known for her diverse activities ranging from electronic music to singing/songwriter to film and animation soundtracks. Fumio Kosakai is an itinerant noise player who has played in many essential noise bands in Japan, such as Emergency Staircase, C.C.C.C., Incapacitants, etc. and has also played guitar in Space Engine and others. And others, and the super-no-wave band “RNA,” featuring Kimihide Kusabuka, a.k.a. K2, who has been seeking new ground since the dawn of Japanese industrial noise history, will perform at the experimental music hall of fame, Roppongi SuperDeluxe. The band’s 2018 performance at Roppongi SuperDeluxe, the hallowed grounds of experimental music, is now available on CD! The drastic interplay of drums, guitars, and electronics makes for 40 minutes of chilling and incandescent music. Edited and mixed by Yasushi Utsunomiya, mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (Peace Music), and art direction by Masahiko Ohno.


It all started around 2013 with a collaboration between K2 Kusabuka and Eiko Ishibashi, who met through SNS, and a collaboration between F. Kosakai, an old friend, and Kusafuka, released around the same time. 2015 saw the formation of a 3-piece band for a record release party, with Ishibashi playing dr, Kosakai on g, and Kusafuka on electronics. RNA is a three-piece band featuring Ishibashi on drums, Kosakai on g, and Kusafuka on electronics. RNA has been performing leisurely, gathering only once a year for a live show. The band’s improvisational style is noisy but unmistakably rock and no wave.

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Selected Evil And Death Works 2018-2019 – Controlled Death

OOO-38 | CD

1 Evil Discharge (Pt.1&2) 5:21
2 Evil Discharge (Pt.3&4) 4:31
3 Untitled 14:59
4 Black Lucifer Rising 14:36
5 Death Trip 2:31
6 Prayer For A Holy Death 15:12

2018-2019に録音され2019に3つの海外レーベルからアナログフォーマットでリリースされた3作品 “Evil Discharge” Flexi (Oxen Records)、”Black Lucifer Rising” Cassette (Deathbed Tapes)、”M.A.S.O.N.N.A. / Controlled Death – Split” Cassette (Trapdoor Tapes)をコンパイル、更に未発表2曲を収録し初CD化。マスタリングエンジニアにはゆらゆら帝国、Boris等日本のアンダーグラウンド・ロックを数多く手がけるPeace Music・中村宗一郎。メインアートワークは小長谷淳(GRIM)が手がけた。山崎マゾというジャパニーズノイズを代表する才能の新たな方向性が萌芽する新ユニットCONTROLLED DEATH初の国内盤である。


2017年に活動を開始した山崎マゾ aka MASONNAのロウ・ブラック・エレクトロニクス・プロジェクト。

Recorded in 2018-2019 and released on three international labels in analog format in 2019 – “Evil Discharge” Flexi (Oxen Records ), “Black Lucifer Rising” Cassette (Deathbed Tapes), “M.A.S.O.N.N.A. / Controlled Death – Compilation of “Split” Cassette (Trapdoor Tapes), plus 2 unreleased songs This is the first time to be recorded on CD. The mastering engineer was a Peace Music’s Soichiro Nakamura has been involved in many projects for Japanese underground rock musician such as Yura Yura Teikoku and Boris. The main artwork was done by Jun Konagaya (GRIM). A new direction of Maso Yamazaki, one of the most representative talents of Japanese noise, is budding in a new unit. This is CONTROLLED DEATH’s first release from label in japan.


Maso Yamazaki aka MASONNA, who started working in 2017 Raw Black Electronics Project.
Black Death Noise and Evil Vocalization with a theme of “Death”. The sound is filled with a sense of unease and tension are smells of death in the pitch blackness.