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Traditional Kaiju Violence – Origami Swan

OOO-17 | CD

1 Telepathic Influenza 1:48
2 I Eat Your Skin 0:25
3 The So-Suzummebachi 0:49
4 Spectral Decomposition 0:12
5 Cover The Earth In Ink 0:47
6 Blastbeats Of Blasphemy 1:01
7 Astral Locus Swarms Devouring The Esophagi Of Swine 0:33
8 Desert Can Of Monetary Origin 0:33
9 Sauroid Vultures 2:52
10 The Design By Those Data 0:28
11 The Return Of Battra 2:20
12 Transdimensional Subatomic Regurgitation 6:05
13 Serology Crater Tart 1:45
14 Malignant Throat Worm Resurrected By Radioactive Bombardment 0:35
15 Castigating Leukemia 1:34
16 Maisie Chocolate Samurai 2:42
17 An Ode To Neuropeptide Y 0:27
18 I Am The Time Lords 2:35
19 Unending Blood Feasts 3:31
20 All Hail The Leather Jesus 0:07
21 Cyclopian Laser Colossus 1:32
22 Badger Badges (Of Those We Don’t Need No) 1:36
23 Transgalactic Fiscal Ambush 1:39
24 Atomic Clusters Collapsing Within The Gravitiational Pull Of The Satanic Vortex 9:06
25 Hedorah Vagina Fireball 0:04

The first album by Origami Swan, a three-piece band formed in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada, consists of guitars, keyboards, drums, and triple vocals.

The band’s soundscape is a roaring, seven-colored sound with something in common with Discordance Axis, Pain Killer, Merzbow, John Zone, Venetian Snares, and many others. Death/Black Metal, Grindcore, Breakcore, Emo, Noise, Industrial, Psychedelic, and many more. The strange, modulated, power-electronic vocals, freaky, evil riffs, shifting keyboards and noise, powerful, high-tension drums, unintelligible song structures, and various sound effects are all mixed into the music. What they have achieved with this album is “chaos without reason,” as if a new species of amoeba were indiscriminately extending its tentacles, indiscriminately taking in all things, and growing into something new. The same kind of madness exists in the contemporary Japanese subculture. Thus Origami Swan resonates with the Japanese culture from the band’s name and song titles to the artwork, which is inspired by and pays homage to many ideas.
Included: Origami Swan special origami paper (swan), interview leaflet with Origami Swan