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[NEW RELEASE]NIKUDOREI – Hakkutsu Sareta Session

Hakkutsu Sareta Session – NIKUDOREI

OOO-47 | CD

Legendary noise grind band NIKUDOREI, who formed in 1994, organized the live project “Satsuriku Zatsuon Butai” and became infamous throughout Japan for their extreme performances. Is back this summer! To commemorate their resumption of activities, the completely unreleased session will be urgently released as a joint release of dotsmark and Shit-eye cassette!

The sound files included in this album were recorded around 2005 for a split cassette with a certain band but were put in storage for many years due to the cessation of activities of Meat Slave. The sound source was unearthed after more than a decade, mastered, and the entire session was recorded in non-edited form, making it a must-have for fans of noise grind! The participating members are Okada, the core of Meat Slave and a living witness of the 90’s Japanese Grind Scene, and ARSEDESTROYER/Gore Beyond Necropsy, who also participated in the 3-way split LP “Triple Shocks !!! Freak Noise Show” and drummer Yamazaki, who supported the late Meat Slaves. The concept of music is fundamentally destroyed, and part changes pop up in the hell of a noise! The jacket with a card sleeve features recent images of Okada and Yamazaki as of 22 years ago, and although it is a previously unreleased sound source, it is a release that shows the band’s enthusiasm for restarting with this album. NIKUDOREI will celebrate its 29th anniversary next year, and we look forward to seeing what them will do in the future!