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OOO-46 | Tshirt W/ DLcode

Yuki Tamano leads the project, is a vocalist of ZENOCIDE, graphic designer of SLAVEARTS®︎ , and also a singer, with the main composer dotphob, and the fluid participation of Dagdrøm (IMMORTAL DEATH, she luv it), Taichi Nakura (ENDON. JUSTICE), nb (ZENOCIDE), and RIKI (AxVx), The latest form of UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY as of July 2022 is a T-shirt with a QR code, which has been building an art form that is inconsistent in area/format with the fluid participation of dotphob (leading composer), Dagdrøm (IMMORTAL DEATH, she luv it), nb (ZENOCIDE), and RIKI (AxVx). The QR code allows you to stream the soundtrack by Tamano + dotphob, the core of the current UCGM, which is as dense and adventurous as if CoH (Editions Mego, Raster-Noton) were going for STALAGGH-inspired depressive noise-black, a dazzling, jet-black sonic experience. The physical work “EMERALD” (2020), which can be heard through the performance and destruction of the vocalist’s non-singing, had the effect of a near-air accident during his appearance at DOMMUNE in 2018, is also available in a vacuum package. (2020), a vacuum package, and “VENTILATOR” (2021), an online installation achieved by simultaneously browsing photographs + sounds + tanka poems. All of UCGM’s art forms require the intervention of your perspective and action. Only when you wear the T-shirt designed by Tamano with 2Ø0ΛA!£ and D.D.D., will you witness the growing process of the angel embryo. The masterpiece “Seraphim 266,613,336 Wings” by Mamoru Oshii + the late Satoshi Kon remains unfinished. Still, with the help of the overlapping post-pandemic situation, this film will likely feel like a successful exodus to the Taklamakan Desert (the worldview of “Tenshi no Tamago” (Although the worldview may be closer to that of “Tenshi no Tamago”).

-Chifumi Kubota (AVE | CORNER PRINTING)


UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY began in 2017 as a personal project of YUKI TAMANO. The core members as of 2022 are YUKI TAMANO and dotphob. In the past, nb(ZENOCIDE), DAGDROM(she luv it/IMMORTAL DEATH), RIKI(AxVx), and Taichi Nakura(ENDON) have participated. 2020: Self-release of “EMERALD” on vacuum-packed cassette tape. 2021: Installation work on web media “AVE|CORNER 2022: “Ode to the Angels embryo” will be released from DOTSMARK as a T-shirt with a QR code.