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Expanding Antiverse – Sissy Spacek


CD-1 Cacti 0:12
CD-2 Machine Abstraction 0:17
CD-3 Arrow 0:14
CD-4 Turner 0:31
CD-5 Hoping Off 0:23
CD-6 War Bonnet 0:14
CD-7 Pre-Approved 0:33
CD-8 Scramble Suit 0:10
CD-9 Bleached 1:03
CD-10 Mk II 1:00
CD-11 Coupling Type 0:58
CD-12 Prize Closet/ 1 1:52
CD-13 Three Listed Actions 0:30
CD-14 Sympathectomy 0:14
CD-15 Lane Splitting 0:10
CD-16 Mixed Message 0:46
CD-17 Handgun 1:01
CD-18 BPHF 0:07
CD-19 California Sleep 0:06
CD-20 W.A.M. 0:09
CD-21 Closed To Interpretation 1:23
CD-22 Limit Cycle Attractor 1:43
CD-23 Spalling 0:58
CD-24 Spike 0:08
CD-25 Unraveling 2:59
CD-26 Alphabetic 1:33
CD-27 Run-On Line 0:47
CD-28 Rejet 0:40
CD-29 Blind Take/ 1 0:54
CD-30 Alliterative Verse 0:46
CD-31 Blind Take/ 2 1:01
CD-32 Time Of Waste 2:00
CD-33 Asylum 0:38
CD-34 Pineapple Fragmentation 0:24
CD-35 Painted Red 1:54
CD-36 Variant 1:28
CD-37 Seeded Fruit 1:09
CD-38 Closed Couplets 1:18
CD-39 Prize Closet/ 2 3:01

DVD-1 Live At The Handbag Factory
DVD-2 Live At Human Rescources
DVD-3 REH 2014 3:39
DVD-4 MATA Gallery 1:16
DVD-5 Stacking 1:13
DVD-6 Live At The Smell
DVD-7 Live In Oakland
DVD-8 Live At Berserktown
DVD-9 Live On WFMU 13:08
DVD-10 Lathe Cutting 4:22
DVD-11 Earth In Streams

This album has been recorded to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles blur/grindcore unit “Sissy Spacek” as its 33rd release.

This bold undertaking, including intense grind and noise elements, was recorded simultaneously as the new album released from Nuclear War Now! Productions.
In a characteristic display of Sissy Spacek’s continuous original developments of the potential in noise-grind and grindcore music through raging waves of sound, this album generously implements tape manipulations, noise, and other experimental techniques, not as systematic features of the songs, but by using sound itself to approach grindcore.
The DVD includes over 70 minutes of rare footage, such as the live performance with Sara Taylor (Youth Code), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Mike Dubose (Raw Nerves, Superbad), rehearsal, and a Destructive gallery performance. The gatefold disc cover includes artwork referencing the performance art “The Haters” as designed by John Wiese.

Sissy Spacek:
A blur/grind unit was formed in 1999 in Los Angeles. Established by experimental musician John Wiese, various members have entered and left the band throughout the years as it overlapped different scenes, considering itself a grindcore band while employing noisecore, collage, tape music, free improvisation, large-scale ensembles, and more. The band has already released more than 30 full albums, within different genres and methods.
During live performances, Sissy Spacek, in the last 10 years, has been an unrelenting hellish grindcore assault, while releasing a wide variety of genres in their records.
Since 2013, the band has been a duo with Charlie Mumma (drums, and vocals since 2008) and John Wiese (bass, electronics, vocals), and is coming to Japan for the first time to celebrate its 20th anniversary.