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Accumulation – 黒電話666

OOO-31 | CD | Digital

BLACKPHONE666’s music is fast, outline of each sound is very clear. He uses many high frequency sound, and play with real black phone, His show is awesome. I never get tired of listening to his songs with high volume at home. And he is a good guy. There are many points we, MELT-BANANA like about him!

BLACKPHONE666 is a very gentle guy, but his sound is noisy and fierce. What a difference between his personality and sound!
[kohei matsunaga (NHK yx Koyxen)]

I LOVED the new BLACKPHONE666 track !! Sick as fuck and soooo “Alien” !!!

BLACKPHONE666 is the most consumed harsh noise artist at today’s nightclub scene in Tokyo, Everyone should definitely listen, because almost all the people don’t even know the existence of current harsh noise.

A telephone is a transmitter, a receiver, and also a part of symbol of cutting-edge technology in our daily lives. Its shape keep changing with the times. His intense scream through a receiver is very spontaneous, and he perfectly mixed his voice as harsher sound material in tracks. (Extract from main text)


[アート倉持 (黒パイプ)]

to such noise-obsessed underground music scene in Tokyo with young musicians having each different musical background☎BLACKPHONE666 has been active for 15 years as a noise musician, also organizes many gigs, and this EP “Accumulation” is the recent report about “the scene” from him☎(Extract from main text)
[Art Kuramochi (Kuropipe)]

BLACKPHONE666 is a very gentle guy, but his sound is noisy and fierce. What a difference between his personality and sound!
[kohei matsunaga (NHK yx Koyxen)]

BLACKPHONE666 is a very gentle guy, but his sound is noisy and fierce. What a difference between his personality and sound!
[kohei matsunaga (NHK yx Koyxen)]

Extreme electronic music act/original harsh noise sound seeker from Tokyo, renowned for tons of gigs, “BLACKPHONE666” drops his long-awaited 1st official release.

“BLAZE” is started with nervy electronic sound, then, gradually torture your ears. “OXD” destroys your audible field with rough energy.
When you listen these 2 tracks, you must notice why worldwide listeners from various genre rocks out by his sound. 
“BLACKPHONE666” is the leading act of relentless electronic music in the 21th century. The time has come when his “Accumulation” of pitch-black noise overflows from speakers around the world.
The remix tracks by ENA (Samurai Horo, KYOKA (raster-noton) are recorded as the bonus tracks only for CD.
These 2 impressive artists create edgy and dope re-construction of his blackphone noise, like no one else can do.The mastering is by noguchi taoru, who has worked with Nisennenmondai ,Kukangendai, Atsuhiro Ito, etc, as the recording/mastering engineer.Masterd by noguchi taoru
Art work & Designed by ticotu YOKO
Movie Edited by Masashi Narita

黒電話666 (Blackphone666)


Extreme electronic music act from Tokyo, who pursues original harsh noise sound.He has unique playstyle at his show, with old dialer style desk phone and tons of effector pedals.
He “plays” noise tightly with dynamism of harsh noise and musical development.

His tough, strong and furious sound is created from his skill and considerable experience of his fierce gigs. His music follows noise music manner, but also has great expectation for new development of extreme electronic music and attracts attention in various areas.
His sound is extreme characteristic, excessive sound density, solid and stiff sound is opposite to psychedelic, and massive sound pressure has affinity for dub.

He plays gigs anywhere and borderless, like at live bars, nightclubs, galleries, etc, and genre of gigs are noise, hardcore, techno and electronica. He is like a cross-over bridge between noise music and various genre of music.

BLACKPHONE666 is started on 2001, continues to be active mainly for live performances.
He has good relationship with a lot of underground artists in Tokyo. In 2007 to 2012, he organized electronic music event called “Discord Proving Ground”(
Tujiko Noriko, Ichiro(ex-Yurayura Teikoku), NUMB, AGATA(Melt-Banana), Tomomi Adachi, MARUOSA, PAINJERK, Fuyuki Yamakawa, KYOKA, T.Mikawa(Hijo Kaidan), Kukan Gendai, Atsuhiro Ito, and many more artists played at this event.

His overwhelming live performance was spread as a rumor and attracted eager support worldwide. Before his first independent release, he toured Korea on 2012, and toured EU(UK,France and Swiss) on 2013. On EU tour, he shared stages with Yoshihide Otomo, ENDON, Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Jello Biafra (ex.Dead Kennedys) etc.

On 2014 to 2015, he played gigs together with many artist from overseas such as MATMOS, Russel Haswell, Bastard Noise, Sickness, Dick El Demasiado, TM404, etc.
His gig at Dommune and 2.5D was streamed online. Also he played at Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo and at Chichibu 4D.
Recently, he shared the stage with Naohiro Ukawa, Melt-Banana, DJ NOBU, Aoki Takamasa, Keiji Haino etc.