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Chusushinshoku- Masked Diode

OOO-18 | CDR

1 セメント 
2 サンテバル 
3 崇高な行為 
4 労働の歓び 

This is the third solo album by Tokyo’s POWER-ELECTRONICS/INDUSTRIAL UNIT, following “MASKED DIODE” from Germany’s L-white. This is the third album from the JAPANESE P.E/INDUSTRIAL UNIT, following “MASKED DIODE” on L-white.
Includes four tracks, an A3 poster, and a cloth patch.

Masked Dioid

After making their debut in 2005 with their CDR “DOMESTIC NERVOUS BATTLE,” they have been releasing their music on OPEN WOUND (U.K.), L-WHITE (GER), and other European hardcore P.E./Industrial labels. The band’s hardcore agitation and Japanese lyrics are colored with irony and metaphor, and the electronic noise is concise yet nervous, without excessive ornamentation. It is Japan’s original power electronics and industrial. They call their style “hardcore electronics.