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OOO-14 | CD

1 Untitled 18:42

“NIKUDOREI,” an old member of NOISE GRIND in Japan, has been active since the ’90s. While following in the footsteps of NOISE GRIND, such as AxCx and 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, “Flesh Slave” has released many sensational live performances that seem conscious of HANATARASH. THE GEROGERIGEGEGE, etc., while following in the footsteps of NOISE GRIND such as AxCx and 7MINUTES OF NAUSEA, and has made his presence known through many sensational live performances, as well as through the release of a sudden and minimal number of self-produced recordings and split works with strong bands from Japan and abroad.

The hatred and disgust for society and power that he has consistently expressed in his recent live performances and sound recordings are unleashed in the form of NOISE GRIND, an explosive, furious, and roaring sound work that is straight out of excessive impulsiveness!
This album is released in two editions: a limited edition of only 200 copies and a non-limited edition.

[Limited Edition]
10EP size paper jacket, A1 size full-color poster, 10EP size triangular sticker, limited edition of 200 copies.
[Non-limited edition]
Full-color 12-page double-sided jacket, CD-size triangular sticker.