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A Sense Of Loss – Kazuma Kubota

OOO-35 | CD | Digital


William Hutson from clipping.

Post Harsh Noiseの旗手Kazuma Kubotaの現在廃盤となっている代表作品をCD化し2タイトル同時リリース!


本再発にあたってはリマスタリングエンジニアにJames Plotkin(ex- Khanate, O.L.D.)を起用。巨匠の手を経て現代仕様のソリッドな音像にアップデートする事に成功した。スリーヴケースに保護されたジャケットにはKubota本人による撮りおろしの風景写真がふんだんに収録された8Pフルカラーブックレットを同梱、Kazuma Kubota独特の世界観を視覚面からも表象している。

Essential documents of the cut-up noise resurgence. Kubota’s knife-sharp compositions contain more action and more ideas than many artists’ entire careers.

William Hutson from clipping.

Kazuma Kubota The flag-bearer of the Post Harsh Noise, His famous works up to now that lay the foundation of his present, have been turned into CDs and two titles will be released at the same time!

This work is a compilation of the single-sided LP that was exclusively released in 2012 by an Italian label “Dear Girl Called Wendy” and the self-released EP in 2009 with only 20 copies (!) into a single CD. “January Thirty” is a piece that wavers in between the cold and intense harsh noise full of a break feel with a lot of intermittences and repetitions, and the gentle ambient sound, as it moves forward. “Uneasiness” is a piece with a strong drive that starts with a field recording of the sound of the rain and guitar arpeggio then moves on to update the conventional noise perspective with its unique notion of beauty. Both have the critical element in foreshadowing the development of noise after the 21st Century and after 2020.

For these reissues, we selected James Plotkin (ex- Khanate, O.L.D.) to be the remastering engineer. With the skill of the master, the music’s update into a modern style solid audio/sound image was successful. The jacket protected by a sleeve case also contains a 12-page full-color booklet that contains many photographs of sceneries that Kubota himself has taken. Kazuma Kubota’s unique worldview has been expressed from visual aspects as well.
He is the advocate of a new noise format that has been gaining popularity internationally, with many followers already in various regions. The hidden masterpiece of such an artist that people should focus on !