Origami Swan


Origami Swan

(Email interview conducted in December2010-January 2011/ Interviewe : Hirano Y Translator : Yousuke Fuyama)

1.Please tell me the name of members? and also who plays each part?

Time Lord 1 ? Guitar/Vocals/Noise/Programming
Time Lord 2 ? Keys/Vocals/Noise/Programming
Time Lord 3 ? Drums/Vocals/Noise/Programming

2.When / How has Origami Swan organized? and also Discography / Biography.

The inception of the Origami Swan began with the convergence of Timelord 1 and Timelord 2 in 2004. Their combined minds created a rift that teleported the Origami Swan to our dimension and thus created an entity unto it’s own. This new entity demanded devastating aural frequencies to be created to aid its quest to conquer the human mind.

It was quickly found that the aural attack was not strong enough with only two host bodies and thus through a strong telepathic link, the presence of Timelord 3 was detected. With another host body from which the Origami Swan could draw energy, the trinity of Timelords was strong enough to unleash the aural terror deserving of the Origami Swan and a new form of “music” was born.

The aural attacks of the Origami Swan have long been under manifestation and frequency refinement and thus a physical release of the Origami Swan has not yet been released. Our first record is soon to be released on dotsmark records, the album known as “Traditional Kaiju Violence”. It should be noted that any copies of the album found on the internet were a premature release and the version to be released on dotsmark records has many songs that have never been released.

3. Have you belonged to other bands before this band? Does some members work as another name ? It’s like an artist or solo project etc in parallel now?

The Origami Swan has at times infected other bands such as Anion and Osk, among other musical projects. Some of these aforementioned bands are current, some of these are previous bands. The Origami Swan however remains separate and distinct from any of these.

4.Please tell me the meaning of “Origami Swan”. I guess “Origami” means Japanese Traditional paper crafts.

This name was chosen because its subject matter was inappropriate to the sound of the music and the Origami Swan does not indulge in anything appropriate. The irony of what an actual origami swan represents (beauty, simplicity, harmony) is in direct contention to the sound of the Origami Swan.

5.What is the meaning of “Traditional Kaiju Violence” that is a new release from dotsmark. and also the main theme of this album.

Traditional Kaiju Violence is a reference to a warning on an old kaiju battle movie. It is also an appropriate description of the sound and style of the Origami Swans music. The TImelords, once powerful enough, want to become giant monsters themselves, battling creatures and destroying the world.

The main theme of the album is complete and utter disintegration of reality through the use of chaos, insanity and a lack of proper logic. All things bizarre and insane or that defy the normal status of the world are inspiration for the Origami Swan

6.You use so many motif from Japanese sub-culture to the title of tunes and sampling source and jacket of this album. So, I guess you have a strong interest in Japanese culture, how’s this?

Japanese sub culture, much like the Origami Swan, seems to have a connection to all things bizarre and insane, things that defy the normal balance of the world. It is because of this that the Origami Swan feels a strong connection to Japanese sub culture. We cannot understand many of the strange subcultures to emerge from Japan and thus we seek to appropriate this lack of logic into our music and image.

7.The style of origami swans has so many tastes like grind, death-metal, black-metal, emo, noise, jazz, junk, etc. Although it sounds extreme, it sounds pop sometimes. Why do you choose this style?

The music of the Origami Swan is very spontaneous and most often focuses on a theme or idea unrelated to music ? an image, sample or idea is often the focus of the song. The music is then created in that image, using whatever means necessary and thus musical styles are irrelevant. If more melodic or pop elements appear in the music it is because they serve the overall idea/theme of the song.

Also, being host bodies the songs often manifest themselves, the ideas emanating from the metetherial power of the Origami Swan itself.

8.There are many tunes has complex structure in this album. How do you record / make sound?

This is very dependant on the song. Sometimes a sound itself is often the inspiration for writing, other times sounds are created to try to represent the overall idea or theme of the song. Songs are almost created as individual soundtracks to a nonexistent short film, we use and create audio which we feel represents the narrative of the songs theme, no matter how absurd. We let each idea and song speak for itself in terms of the way we create the music and what instruments and sounds we use. While there can often be structured and melodic elements to a song, an element of noise or discordance is always mandatory.

In terms of actually creating the songs and sounds, we use a combination of traditional instruments, computers, and anything else we can find to help us achieve the idea of the song. Many of the techniques are experimental and are not rooted in traditional music but we often seek to have some sort of structural foundation on which these elements can sit on top of. The songs are often very layered in sound, with many tracks of audio placed on top of one another.

9.How is it called if you define your style by your self?

The style of Origami Swan can be described as MANIACAL KAIJU VIOLENCE!!!
Traditional musical classifications do not interest us.

10. I think your style is similar to jesus Of Nazareth, EXPLODING METH LAB, KUSARIGAMA KILL, FMD record in U.S etc. Do you know these bands? or It influence to your style?

We did not know these bands before now and thus they do not influence our style, however we just listened to them and we approve of their existence. We are mostly influenced by culture and the insanity of human beings, rather than any specific musical groups.

11.Something greatly influence to you? artists , philosophy, literature, people, experience, musician etc.

All of the TImelords are well versed in music and the styles of music they listen to are quite varied, however we do not seek to actively emulate these influences. We feel that we have more in common with 20th century atonal composers than with modern metal. However some more modern bands that come to mind as inspiration are Captain Beefheart, Discordance Axis, Mr. Bungle, Venetian Snares, Hawkwind, John Zorn and Karl Heinz Stockhausen.

The following things are of inspiration to us: Kaiju, Japanese pop culture, outer space, b-movies, strange insects, squid, eternal madness, monsters, science, Andre Breton, absurdity, William S. Burroughs, Marcelle DuChamp, quantum physics, Dadaism, mutant animal hybrids and unending grimness.

12. How is the scene around Origami Swan in Canada? How is Origami Swan accepted in there? I hear your tunes has rank in Canadian college radio chart for a long time.

The fact that Origami Swan has had publicity and has featured on a Canadian college radio station is a mystery to us, we do not understand how this has happened. Origami Swan seems to be very well received by those who have heard it in Canada, however we have not sought active promotion until now.

13.Are there some special bands like Origami Swan in Canada?

Not that we are aware of.

14. In Japan, We know about Canadian extreme scene. especially, cryptopsy, FUCK THE FACTS, Knurl, Alien8 Recordings. Origami Swan has influenced from these bands?

No, we are not influenced musically by these specific bands/labels. We do however have respect for them and what they’ve done (except for the last 2 Cryptopsy albums which are abominations).

15.Does Origami Swan have show frequently? If does, What kind of show? How is the response from audience?

No. We have yet to perform live, however we take great pleasure in the induction of seizures and/or imminent sonic destruction and because this is the direct result of performing Origami Swan live, we plan to perform live in the near future.

16. Do you have some plan in near future? release, tour etc.

We are excited for the release of “Traditional Kaiju Violence” on dotsmark records. We continue to write and have a number of unreleased songs for future releases.

We would very much like to tour Japan to support Traditional Kaiju Violence so please feel free to buy the album/book us shows in Japan/send us tour money.

17. In conclusion, give a word to me/All fans.

Always beware of the Squid Mammoth and never stop the madness.

Also, thank you greatly to Hirano and dotsmark records, we are forever grateful to you. As well, a big thanks to anyone who supports us in anyway.