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Kazuma Kubota / Mei Zhiyong - Session June.12.2016 CD
2017.10.18 ON SALE
様々な層から支持を集めるノイズ・アーティストKazuma Kubotaと、近代中国ノイズの最重要人物メイ・ジヨン。

Kazuma Kubota the noise artist who is gathering support from various strata, and Mei Zhiyong the most important figure of modern Chinese noise music. This piece of work is the live recording of a 2016 studio session that came about from a chance encounter of the Japanese and Chinese modern noise artists. It is a collaboration of a high purity that fuses together the synchronicity, which can be felt from the two artists' solo work, as a tight and hard noise. I think this is an important piece that presents the current Japanese and Chinese noise. limited edition of 300 copies.

Kazuma Kubota
スピードとブレイク感溢れるノイズと 美麗なアンビエントドローンサウンド、フィールドレコーディング等によって構築された繊細かつドラマチックな作風でノイズリスナーのみならずエレクトロニカ、シューゲイザー、ハードコア他あらゆるエモーショナルな音を求めるリスナーからの支持を集める。
2013年に米ノイズレーベル"Ninth Circle Music"から1stフルレングスアルバム"Dis-connected"をリリース。
同じく2013年に初の国内流通作品として"Two of a Kind"EP/CDを国内レーベル"[…]dotsmark"からリリースし、即完売。
Ototoyでの美川俊治氏(非常階段/INCAPACITANTS)との対談や豪Night Science誌でのインタビュー掲載、英WIRE誌でのレビュー掲載等、国内外メディアで注目を集めている。
2016年8月には米国オハイオ州デイトンでのノイズ音楽フェスティバル"Amplified Humans Festival"にヘッドライナーとして招致される。
2017年、米国Amethyst Sunsetより"Utsuroi"LP(Reissue)をリリース予定。

Kazuma Kubota:
The harsh noise artists that are active in the heart of the metropolitan area. He gather the support from listeners who seek out the delicate yet dramatic composition style constructed by noise that is filled with a sense of speed and breaking, a beautiful ambient droning sound and field recording etc.; as well as from those besides noise listeners, who seek electronica, shoegazer, hard core and all the other emotional sounds.
In 2013, He released him first full length album "Dis-connected" from the American noise label, "Ninth Circle Music".
Similarly in 2013, he released the EP/CD "Two of a Kind" as their first domestically distributed work from the"[…]dotsmark", which sold out immediately.

he have been gaining attention from domestic and international media for their conversation with Mr. T.Mikawa on Ototoy and publication for interviews in the Night Science magazine and the Wire magazine etc.
In August 2016, they were invited as the headlining act for the "Amplified Humans Festival" in Dayton, Ohio in USA.
In 2017, they plan on releasing their LP record "Utsuroi"(reissue) from USA's Amethyst Sunset.

Mei Zhiyong

Mei Zhiyong:
Meizhiyong is China's most important international noise experimenter and hardware noise instrument DIYER.He is also active in independent film and photography, etc. Meizhiyong thinks that noise is the carrier of breaking all the rules, only impaling nothingness will real make you get rid of the contradiction between voice and body, between body and mind.The sign of his performance is the strong acting style and the electronic musical Instruments transformed by hacking and circut-bending. Meizhiyonghas already toured in Europe and Japan successively since 2014.He is now becoming the new blood of the noise and the experimental music in Asia.

黒電話666/BLACKPHONE666- Accumulation CD/DL


[アガタ from MELT-BANANA]

BLACKPHONE666’s music is fast, outline of each sound is very clear. He uses many high frequency sound, and play with real black phone, His show is awesome. I never get tired of listening to his songs with high volume at home. And he is a good guy. There are many points we, MELT-BANANA like about him!

黒電話さん、音楽は煩く賑やかな感じなんですね~ ギャップが怖い!
[kohei matsunaga (NHK yx Koyxen)]

BLACKPHONE666 is a very gentle guy, but his sound is noisy and fierce. What a difference between his personality and sound!
[kohei matsunaga (NHK yx Koyxen)]


I LOVED the new BLACKPHONE666 track !! Sick as fuck and soooo "Alien" !!!


BLACKPHONE666 is the most consumed harsh noise artist at today’s nightclub scene in Tokyo, Everyone should definitely listen, because almost all the people don’t even know the existence of current harsh noise.


A telephone is a transmitter, a receiver, and also a part of symbol of cutting-edge technology in our daily lives. Its shape keep changing with the times. His intense scream through a receiver is very spontaneous, and he perfectly mixed his voice as harsher sound material in tracks. (Extract from main text)

[アート倉持 (黒パイプ)]

to such noise-obsessed underground music scene in Tokyo with young musicians having each different musical background☎BLACKPHONE666 has been active for 15 years as a noise musician, also organizes many gigs, and this EP “Accumulation” is the recent report about “the scene” from him☎(Extract from main text)
[Art Kuramochi (Kuropipe)]

東京を拠点に、主にライブシーンにおいてその実力を轟かせて来た、オリジナルハーシュサウンド追求者にして電気音響過激派「黒電話666」の満を持しての1st 公式作品。
さらにCDのみフィジカル特典として豪華リミキサー陣を招致。ENA (Samurai Horo)、KYOKA (raster-noton)による、この二者でしか作り得ない先鋭的かつドープな黒電話ノイズ再構築音源を収録。マスタリングは、にせんねんもんだい・空間現代・伊東篤宏等のレコーディング/マスタリングを手がけるnoguchi taoruが担当。

Extreme electronic music act/original harsh noise sound seeker from Tokyo, renowned for tons of gigs, "BLACKPHONE666" drops his long-awaited 1st official release.
"BLAZE" is started with nervy electronic sound, then, gradually torture your ears. "OXD" destroys your audible field with rough energy.
When you listen these 2 tracks, you must notice why worldwide listeners from various genre rocks out by his sound. 
"BLACKPHONE666" is the leading act of relentless electronic music in the 21th century. The time has come when his "Accumulation" of pitch-black noise overflows from speakers around the world.
The remix tracks by ENA (Samurai Horo, KYOKA (raster-noton) are recorded as the bonus tracks only for CD.
These 2 impressive artists create edgy and dope re-construction of his blackphone noise, like no one else can do.The mastering is by noguchi taoru, who has worked with Nisennenmondai ,Kukangendai, Atsuhiro Ito, etc, as the recording/mastering engineer.

Masterd by noguchi taoru
Art work & Designed by ticotu YOKO
Movie Edited by Masashi Narita

黒電話666 (Blackphone666)




東京の様々なアンダーグラウンドアーティストと親交を深め、2007-2012の5年間は電音楽イベント「Discord Proving Ground」(を企画・運営。
招致したアーティストはTujiko Noriko、いちろう (ex.ゆらゆら帝国)、NUMB、AGATA (Melt-Banana)、足立智美、MARUOSA、PAINJERK、山川冬樹、KYOKA、T.美川 (非常階段)、空間現代、伊東篤宏等多数。

圧倒的なライブパフォーマンスが国際的な噂と熱い支持を受け、正規音源を待たずして2012年には韓国ツアー、2013年には現地からの正式招待によりUK~フランス~スイスのユ-ロツアーを敢行、ツアー中においては大友良英、ENDON、Oren Ambarchi、Mark Fell、Jello Biafra (ex.Dead Kennedys)等と共演。

2014-2015年にかけてはMATMOS、Russell Haswell、Bastard Noise、Sickness、Dick El Demasiado、TM404等海外勢との国内共演やDommune配信、Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo、2.5D配信、秩父4Dに出演。
その他近年の共演者に宇川直宏、Melt-Banana、DJ NOBU、Aoki Takamasa、灰野敬二等。


Extreme electronic music act from Tokyo, who pursues original harsh noise sound.He has unique playstyle at his show, with old dialer style desk phone and tons of effector pedals.
He “plays” noise tightly with dynamism of harsh noise and musical development.

His tough, strong and furious sound is created from his skill and considerable experience of his fierce gigs. His music follows noise music manner, but also has great expectation for new development of extreme electronic music and attracts attention in various areas.
His sound is extreme characteristic, excessive sound density, solid and stiff sound is opposite to psychedelic, and massive sound pressure has affinity for dub.

He plays gigs anywhere and borderless, like at live bars, nightclubs, galleries, etc, and genre of gigs are noise, hardcore, techno and electronica. He is like a cross-over bridge between noise music and various genre of music.

BLACKPHONE666 is started on 2001, continues to be active mainly for live performances.
He has good relationship with a lot of underground artists in Tokyo. In 2007 to 2012, he organized electronic music event called “Discord Proving Ground”(
Tujiko Noriko, Ichiro(ex-Yurayura Teikoku), NUMB, AGATA(Melt-Banana), Tomomi Adachi, MARUOSA, PAINJERK, Fuyuki Yamakawa, KYOKA, T.Mikawa(Hijo Kaidan), Kukan Gendai, Atsuhiro Ito, and many more artists played at this event.

His overwhelming live performance was spread as a rumor and attracted eager support worldwide. Before his first independent release, he toured Korea on 2012, and toured EU(UK,France and Swiss) on 2013. On EU tour, he shared stages with Yoshihide Otomo, ENDON, Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Jello Biafra (ex.Dead Kennedys) etc.

On 2014 to 2015, he played gigs together with many artist from overseas such as MATMOS, Russel Haswell, Bastard Noise, Sickness, Dick El Demasiado, TM404, etc.
His gig at Dommune and 2.5D was streamed online. Also he played at Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo and at Chichibu 4D.
Recently, he shared the stage with Naohiro Ukawa, Melt-Banana, DJ NOBU, Aoki Takamasa, Keiji Haino etc.

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